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The third attempt
The third attempt ~ VIP Message for Leanne: 
I have made two IVF attempts to get pregnant and am over 45. Both attempts FAILED.  I purchased “eggs” from a younger woman through the World Egg Bank online and had shipped them to my IVF Clinic.  If I make the THIRD attempt at IVF using a different woman’s eggs this time and using the same clinic, do you see that it will be successful and a full-term baby is born?
Laura Lee: Do you know who you are, Leanne? 
You possess the divine seed within to create anything…and that includes children.  
Your heart’s broken from failed attempts to conceive. Grief makes you doubt to take another chance to spare the pain. It’s not entirely your fault. Doctors question the probability of birthing a child at your age. On some level, you bought into this belief.
While it’s not your truth, this is a limitation that blocks your potential. Let them go at once to believe in a miracle.
Call this child forth into being ~ happy and healthy (by the way, I see more than one spirit standing by to come to you 🙂 
For example, affirm to the holy spirit (angels, God, Christ, and or a diety you feel a close connection);
I am grateful for my happy and perfectly healthy child in my life ~ now. 
Always be thankful it is done. Speak out loud if/when possible. Practice this exercise before waking and sleeping each day and anytime you feel fear in your heart. Repeat until you feel the level of confidence to march back into the clinic. More importantly, continue to practice each and every day until it is done.
I get the sense that I’m not the first psychic who has told you that children are in your future. PLUS, I’m told from higher realms that you have a namesake selected for the child too. If these points resonate, it is to confirm my message that the third attempt is a charm. 
One last note; You aren’t the first client to ask me this question. I had a client, a single professional woman, hit by the same roadblocks and fears. Like you, she doubted if motherhood was possible with several attempts. I encouraged her to move through the mental blocks and stay the course. She eventually gave birth to a baby girl, and they lived happily ever after. And you will too…
I suggest reading the ANGEL MESSAGE; LOYAL for more insight into your question. 
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