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Not feel tired

Not feel tired ~ VIP  Message:

I’ve started to hear spirits now, showing me pictures to use as verification. I get tired after I do a (psychic) reading. Is there some way to not feel tired (working with people)? Tim

Laura Lee: There are many reasons why we can get tired after performing a reading, Tim. However, a couple of points come to mind that stand out for you.

First, your energy depletes because you’re trying hard to prove yourself. You already embody the divine spirit within you. Be a vessel to channel your wisdom. Instead of trying to be someone you ‘think’ you ought to be for the other person, just be yourself. You’ll find that your simple adjustment exerts less energy and radiates more light.

Second, remember to treat yourself with tender loving care; emotionally, mentally, and physically. Energy restoration comes from scheduled rest periods, eating nutritionally, and exercise for maintaining high vibrations and peak performance. It’s hard to give of yourself, love, if you haven’t any left within yourself. Make it a daily habit to treat yourself good to feel great to sustain this line of work (and or as a health care professional or counselor) for the long haul.

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