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Experience is angelic

Experience is angelic ~ Message of Love from Petra; I said my prayers then laid down to rest. When I came to, I was in a dimly lit room made of pure gold and filled with scrolls. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I noticed that I was positioned in a chair in front of a table that supported an open scroll. I heard “Learning to write the language of Archangel Uriel” as I was sitting at the table. My awareness increased even more…I felt a large presence standing behind me, towering, with power and command; It was the Archangel Uriel himself. The fire of God radiated from him, so much so that he kept himself hidden from my sight. He proceeded to guide me through writing a multitude of symbols on this open scroll, critiquing me every step of the way. It was important to him that the message was written just right. Like a drill sergeant, Archangel Uriel guided me. I heeded his every instruction, writing down everything. It was at that moment the depth of sleep took over me at once again. When I woke from my slumber, I knew in my heart that Archangel Uriel would be a guide through my divine mission.


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