That ghost stuff

That ghost stuff ~ Messages of Love by Louis:

I was sick with a cold and I went into work to finish working on a project that was long overdue.  No one was working in my department that day. I was alone in my office printing when I saw something (someone) in the doorway in my peripheral vision.  I looked towards the direction of the doorway, but no one was there.  I then turned around to collect the papers from the printer and jumped because I felt like whatever was in the door way got too close to me… I laughed and said, “I’m not scared.  I’m sorry if I jumped.  Please let me know who you are.”  The first person that came to mind was my paternal grandfather.  Then all of a sudden, my laptop bag fell off of my desk behind me.  When it hit the floor, I said, “Okay, now you’re trying to do that ghost stuff, like the movie Ghost!”  I paused for a minute, and then nothing happened.  When I left my job, I got into my car and as soon as the radio came on, the song Unchained Melody played (the song from the movie Ghost).  I said thank you for the confirmation and drove home.

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