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Angel Messages for Wk 11/17 ~ Clarity: There is an angel looking over the horizon with binoculars. With the binoculars, he sees clearly into the near distant future. It seems, too, that the sun is rising over the hilltops. This is a good omen for you, since last week was about ‘purification’ (Angel Message 11/10). You can see clearly now that the rain is gone (remember Johnny Nash song, ‘I can see clearly now’, that I linked to last weeks post) to make a decision that will impact your near distant future. This week you set out a positive intent to make steps towards that end which will prove abundant for you ~ as long as you keep looking forward. In part, this decision will help you reclaim your personal power, because you are leaving the past behind, and accepting more responsibility for your life and those around you feel accountable to in your life.

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