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‘HEALING’ Angel Message for Wk 11/24: I see two angels where one is healing the other angel with energy. I feel this is concerning a relationship(s) where there is healing over the mind and heart, because I see light emanating from these areas upon one of the angels. This makes me think of a call I had with a client recently that was reconciling the loss of her husband (the past last year before the holidays) and feeling guilt for not doing enough to prevent him from leaving the planet. She replayed the thoughts of moments that lead up to his passing. This ached her heart. He (her husband) urged her to recall, instead, the thoughts of the cherished moments they had together. Moving through grief is natural, but you do yourself (others too) more good when you reopen the heart to love…again. And that doesn’t necessarily mean romance, just the ‘love of life’. At any rate, it’s time to heal the heart with those thoughts that strain you (watch what replays through your mind, means its time you need to come to terms with the matter to heal the heart). IF you still can, reach out to this person and make amends. IF you can’t make contact with this person directly, then hand whatever the matter that ails you to your angel(s) to heal it so you can gain your strength to love again. Simply visualize whatever that thought is (or symbol) and physically placing it in the hands of an angel to see them fly off with your concern to be resolved for you. Then give ’thanks’ that your heart has been restored with peace. And so it shall be. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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