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Angel Message for Wk 11/10: I see an angel weeping. This is a week where you may undergo a ritual of self purification. If you feel swept away by sadness or depression over something, maybe in your past (or tied to the present), go with the flow of your emotions. This will help you move through it…wash it away. In fact, you may begin to see clearly now.

My personal fav from Johnny Nash comes to mind, “I can see clearly now’ ~ this song says it all:
In fact, you may begin to see the beauty and or humor of why you had this experience. But, whatever happened, it is now in the past, and won’t hold you back anymore. Just like the rain waters plants to grow, sometimes a good crying spell allows us to grow from past experience. By the end of the week, you’ll have the courage to make a decision, that you’ve postponed, as a result of this experience. Keep me posted with any feedback! Bless, LL


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