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Angel Message: Humour


Have you ever heard the saying that ‘Angels take themselves lightly and this is how they can fly’? This is your challenge for the next few days, because there isn’t much ‘funny’ business when you are dealing with ‘serious’ business all the time. I see an angel holding balloons dressed up as a clown, which comes to me as a message that sometimes we need a good laugh. Even if it has to be manufactured, like taking some down time to turn on a flick: tv/movie or watch a youtube video and or pick up a good read: funny pages or a book that you know will make you laugh. Maybe stop to put on some holiday music and make cookies? Or go ice skating (even if it is in stockings on a hard wooden floor?!). This is especially important when it feels like a ludicrous idea such as when you are distressed about finances, ill (terminally ill too), caught up in a feud, losing a job or a relationship or not knowing which direction to take. You need to clear the air to tap into higher wisdom.…and fly in the field of angels. Surrender to the moment to belly laugh and the answers you need will come to you spontaneously! Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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