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VIP Spirit Message for Angela:


I had what I felt were several psychic experiences as a child and a few as an adult, but I don’t think that I can have them at will; they happen few and far between, randomly. I am wondering why I am feeling so disconnected from the energies around me and if there is a way to fix this.


We are all born psychic, Angela. The word ‘psychic’ is another term for intuitive. Children are supernaturally psychic, and some more than others. Childlike innocence, wonderment, and a playful, open nature keep their energy high, enhancing their intuitive ability. But as we age, we take on life’s stressors with the world around us, and those fears lower our energy. Therefore, we disconnect from our higher self which guides us through our intuition. Like any other muscle, we must flex it to get it back into shape. Unfortunately, our intuition isn’t a valued trait in society, and most people are in the dark about how our basic instincts can help navigate life. My top strategy for reconnecting to psychic ability is raising your vibrational energy.

Your psychic ability increases with proper rest.


We’ve heard doctors say hundreds of times how vital sleep is to our well-being, but it is an essential tool for enhancing intuition. Everyone’s different, so listen to your body for how much time is best for you where you wake feeling refreshed. Dreamtime is a crucial psychic tool, called clairvoyance, for finding answers. I also recommend my students meditate on filling in the gaps for rest. If you can’t meditate, watch YouTube videos to find a good teacher or a guided or musical meditation that resonates with you. Surrendering the egoic mind helps connect to cosmic energies.


Your psychic ability increases with proper nutrition.


Again, doctors recommend a balanced diet, but most Americans look the other way. Eating too many processed foods, drinking sodas, or having too much alcohol laden with toxic chemicals can make us sick and disconnect from our inner source. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water because it is a conductor of psychic energy. Fueling your body with more foods grown by the sun’s light energy, such as fruits and vegetables, is highly recommended for increasing energy. Not to say that if you are a meat eater, you can’t be psychic, but animals killed carry lower vibrational energy that can interfere with your psychic vibe because we are all connected. 


Your psychic ability increases with more exercise.


Exercise is scientifically proven to be the magic elixir for reducing stress and anxiety. A gym membership is not required. A thirty-minute walk outdoors, dancing to music, or riding a bike three days a week will do you wonders to see the world right side up. By the way, nature is incredibly healing for the body, mind, and soul and enhances your well-being. Finding healthy ways to wash away your worries will likely increase spontaneous psychic impressions. 


Your psychic ability increases by socializing.


Connecting with friends, family, and furry friends who lift you can help lighten the load. And I’m not talking about scanning social media threads, chatting online, or texting, but connecting one-on-one with real humans. Call them up, go for a visit, or invite them to dinner or go for a walk. Even having a spontaneous chat with a stranger in the checkout lane at the grocery store, at the gas pump, or with your neighbor is good for the soul. Socializing benefits our emotional and mental well-being. It’s time we walk out our doors and realize a whole world awaits us to engage. Most importantly, it would help if you played like a kid to see through the eyes of a child.


The bottom line is that these fundamental strategies are the baseline for increasing your energy. Good vibrations are the key to enhancing your psychic connection. Caring for your body, mind, and spirit will improve your natural-born gift. Not to say that you can’t have psychic experiences when you have restless nights, an indulgent diet during the holidays, skip days of exercise, or lack a social life when you are sick, but leaning into these techniques increases the likelihood of having more psychic hits. You can learn more about how I can mentor students to unlock their super natural psychic power to contact spirit in my mentorship program


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