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Weird vibes

Weird vibes

Elmira from MI: I listen every week… regarding work. What guidance can I get about my current job. I’m feeling weird vibes but I do have an over active imagination sometimes lol. Is there any changes I should be aware of? Elmira

Medium Laura Lee: Let’s dig in here…pay attention. If you ‘feel’ weird vibes, trust your instincts. No need to make sense of it, because it just is and something you can’t rationalize you’re way out of it. My first instinct is to say that you might be getting a hit that everything isn’t on par with the job because they are considering changes that may effect your position…along with others in your area. Structural changes may also include a new boss and or manager too. Some of this may appear to be evident second to third quarter: April ~ July this year. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t rule out investigating other options in your field. I’m not big on spreading any fears over such matters, so I recommend sending love vibes to your employers before walking into the doors, blessing that you have a job, and things will work in your favor. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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