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Ultimate Lesson

2-24-2014 Laura Lee Q & A

Jill from VA: Things on my end are going up and down and all around.  I was wondering what’s the “ultimate lesson” to be learned from the men around me being so passive and detached from “life” and myself for that matter.  Any insight? I feel very clear inside-out (work at it everyday and feel/say my prayers) etc.  So I’m wondering why the people around me are so hazy/shady?  Bottom line, How can I meet somebody special on my level? Love, Jill

Medium Laura Lee: I hear you Jill. I understand you feel clear due to your spiritual practice; in/out work and prayer. We can do that all day long and then we have to live it. But, sometimes our subconscious buries our own shadows, so deep that sometimes it takes layers, like an onion, to pull back and admit our truth. That can take time…that is if you are persistent and a seeker for truth. First let me say, congrats for becoming ‘aware’ of the relationship pattern ~ that is the first step to change.  But, when I’m not too clear why I’ve brought a pattern to my life that seems to be an endless cycle I can’t seem to shift ~ I ask my guidance to reveal to me why it is happening so that I have more power to change it. They’ll show me a scene, daydream, in my life where I may reflect the same dynamic (currently or in past relations), or I’ll have a dream about the scenario, or the answer will pop in as a thought ~ and it’s usually very simple. A few questions to consider; are you engaged with life the way you think your partner ought to be? How would you rate your ‘involvement’ for life? 🙂 Do you ‘love’ what you do? We can pray all we want to manifest something, but it is more likely to happen, and faster, when we ‘live’ it from the heart. ‘What we give out ~ is what we receive.’ Give yourself the permission to live life the way you want to see your man living it ~~ and that person, who is on your level, will find you!  Finally, I believe a male, on other side (paternal side and may even be a friend connection) ~ reveals insight that the wind was taken out of your sails awhile back from a relationship where you felt smothered and controlled. You may have played the ‘passive’ player in that role. You could have even sworn that this wasn’t the kind of relationship you wanted ~ and why the pendulum swung the opposite way. So in essence, you are healing from that dynamic. I hear the name ‘mike’ and not sure if it was tied to the fellow I connected on other side and or it also was associated with a ‘love’. It may also be as simple as this maybe a family pattern too. Meanwhile, be patient, keep up your work ~ and find the way to be that which you want in your world. Keep me posted. Blessings on your journey. LL

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