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A gnome spirit

Beth from LA: Hey Laura, I do Reiki in my home. I have been capturing orbs in photos, which is fun! Last week, after completing Reiki on my sister, I captured what looks to be a gnome. I can send you the pic if you want. He has a tall pointed hat, funny teeth and squinty eyes. Do you know if this is a friendly spirit or a guide for one of us? Any info would help! Thanks so much, Beth

Medium Laura Lee: Ahhh, fairy energy Beth…They occupy the space between man and spirit. Regarding the gnome being friendly ~ It all depends who you talk too regarding these guides. However, I find them to be ‘fairly’ friendly especially if you are a steward to the Earth. Usually people who have these guides can appear very shy to others, until you get to know them, then they open up ~ in fact, people guided by these spirits are usually the ‘hell’ raisers of the group! LOL! They are particularly into story telling (dramatics :-), mischief, and trickery….all in good fun of course. And they have a tendency, if not careful, to abuse substances (food, shopping, gambling to be included here) to avoid delving into the shadow aspects of their nature. They can feel drawn to the outdoors , where they gather energy from the Earth ~ as they are the spirit keepers of our natural resources. And that is where the human subject would gain energy too, to restore their vitality. I believe that while you were working on your sister, you opened the field to see her guide. By the way, gnomes are most helpful for healing the bones. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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