Day: March 3, 2014

Spring Clean

Clear house! Find answers, insight and closure by discovering the root of your problem with your guardian angel. Clean it up with a PAST LIFE REGRESSION for $175 to spring forward. Group discounts. Please email to book your appointment. Offer valid for bookings made through March.  

Royal love story

Messages of Love Story from Diana: I dashed from the gym after my work-out one afternoon, trying to beat the meter-maid to my car in the lot across the street, when, as I stood at the curb waiting for the traffic light to change, there was suddenly a strange man at my elbow. He stood …

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Weird vibes

Elmira from MI: I listen every week… regarding work. What guidance can I get about my current job. I’m feeling weird vibes but I do have an over active imagination sometimes lol. Is there any changes I should be aware of? Elmira Medium Laura Lee: Let’s dig in here…pay attention. If you ‘feel’ weird vibes, …

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Angel Message for March 2014: An angel turns on a light bulb to reveal light on a situation that may have brought you confusion, inner turmoil and maybe an unsettled feeling. Unsure of your whereabouts or where you were to go in the dark, the light will transform your situation. The light brings clarity to …

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