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VIP Message for Rosalind: I feel blocked regarding money. I worked in real estate for more than 12 years. I just moved to a new area three months ago and started a real estate business. I do all the things I am supposed to do; Send postcards, placed ads, talked to people, and nothing happens…no customers. Because I need money, I applied for jobs… nothing happens. The question is: How can I make money, what should I do, can you help unblock my prosperity? Many blessings, Rosalind, MBA

Medium Laura Lee: With twelve years experience in the field and an MBA behind you ~ you’re a smart cookie. I have a sense that you can manage to find solutions for yourself. And I suspect you believed in yourself, at one point, otherwise you wouldn’t have made this giant leap. On the rational side of things, coming from my business woman self, you have to give yourself a break. First, you moved to a new area. And second, you started a business. Wow, could you have made it more difficult for yourself? Businesses don’t happen overnight. Even if you do everything right, a new business needs to be nurtured like a baby ~ it can take three to five years to grow up. Even then, you have to ride the waves because there are so many variables that you just can’t control. But, if you can’t take the heat, and not all people are built to withstand the entrepreneurship path, then I suggest working for yourself isn’t viable option. I recommend you sell yourself to other real estate firms as an experienced agent. IF you remain rooted in this new area, there is promise and light in this direction for you.

Now, from my psychic-medium self, I read your fear….which is completely normal given your circumstances. FEAR = Failed Expectations that Appear Real. Fear can mess with your mind. And it can make your outside circumstances unstable. As a new business owner, you can’t afford to doggy paddle in these turbulent waters. Allow yourself to process through these emotions ~ but don’t allow yourself to be swallowed up by these transitory feelings. (Meditate. Pray. Meditate. Take self care in consideration; exercise, rest, eat right , etc 🙂 IF not, I only see the same for you. You have to make a commitment now whether or not you are in this for the long haul; Face the fear and do it anyway. It sounds like, at this moment, that you have no option but to ‘keep on swimming’ as fast as you can. Whatever you do, just don’t stop. Keep doing what you’re doing and as well adjust your marketing strategy (by the way, this is always changing) ~ for instances, adding social media platforms which I see you investigating these pathways. Find a way to make them  uniquely work for you. I see someone in the family who might have a good grasp on these technologies that can bring you up to speed. IF they aren’t already trying to guide you, it doesn’t hurt to ask for more help. In fact, they may join you in the business (or already involved). Teach workshops such as; ‘How to find the perfect home’ or ‘Insider tips on what to look for when your looking for a home’ or ‘How to stage your home for the perfect sale’. You can also team up with industry experts to give an ideal workshop on financing or designing to link you to their community. Offer your time for free (1 hour with goodies) just to get people to come meet you. You could video tape these tidbits to YouTube channel or Facebook Live (however face to face is always the best option in a community). Try other directions in real estate; Commercial properties, estate planning, and or add rental management to your portfolio of services. IF you’ve had any inkling of these ideas, I’m only confirming your guidance to MOVE.

My psychic radar also picks up that you are grieving over a relationship loss. Guess what grief is? FEAR. Everyone processes grief at a different pace. I have a sense you are running from the past to keep your mind off the pain. However, the body cannot deny pain. Your vibe radiates it. People can pick it up psychically ~ and it repels. This isn’t good for business. I don’t get a sense that this new space feels like home or is the ‘ideal’ home.  You aren’t real comfortable in your surroundings. Perhaps out of your element in this area. Not connected. Limited connection to friends too. If you plan on staying here, don’t just make it about work. Find ways to plug into the community socially as a person (not just real estate agent) is a good bet. However, given all that going on, you have a strong connection to God grounded by religion and perhaps evolving more onto a spiritual path. Remain rooted to this connection; Love attracts. Find a spiritual group to connect, if you haven’t already. Prayer is a large part of your business plan to rise above these challenges. Faith is your strength ~ you must rely on this attribute to make it through this passage. It is only temporary.

I believe there is an elder that has an ‘M’ in her name where I hear ‘Mary or maybe a Maria’ or something in that vein, and or unless it is the Virgin Mother Mary. However, I do sense a maternal, petite sized, female who speaks another dialect that shares the name with you ~ she watches over you. She is included in your prayers and confirms the guidance provided in this message. Here are a few more recommendations that came to my mind;

Chakra Meditation for clearing; To clear your body of fearful energies (ANY meditation works!);

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne; This book is great advise on positive thinking and manifestation;

Hope this helps! Bless, LL

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