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Not…fast enough
VIP Message for Haley: I have been working with my intuition and psychic abilities. I feel I am not opening fast enough. Do you see if this is happening for me?
Medium Laura Lee: Yes. I see you working with cards (perhaps angel tarot) to confirm this fact. But, what’s your hurry? You cannot rush this process. it continually unfolds with your level of awareness. However, FEARS can and will block your progress. For instance, fear of what others may think if you displayed psychic ability! Who does this sound like? 🙂 Fear that you aren’t developing fast enough….by whose standards? And for what deadline? These are only a couple examples. I recommend a few practices to help aid your development:
1) Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. DAILY! You’ll unblock the fears.
2) Join a psychic group. Check out for groups close to you (or start one)
3) Keep a dream journal. Date and record your dreams, daydreams (or psychic hits) ~ Leave space after each entry. Then review your journal every so often to see how  far you’ve progressed since the psychic hit. Record any developments.
4) Share psychic insights with ’safe’ people around you. Always ASK the recipient if they are open to receive your insight on their situation….then share (record in your Journal). IF they can’t confirm anything at that point, or they don’t later, follow up at some point to learn the outcome for your own validation. Then journal.
All these exercises will build confidence in your development. IF you are already engaged in some of the above, then I only confirm you are on the right path. IF you are ready for a mentor, I can help. Contact the office [email protected] if you want more details for my private mentorship program. 
Hope this helps. Bless, LL
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