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Felt my soul

VIP question from Molly: A psychic once told me that if I meditated, I can access my past and my future. I wished I could see my future and my past constantly. So I tried to meditate the other day and felt my soul leave my body. Don’t you think meditating can be dangerous?

Medium Laura Lee: Miss Molly, I wouldn’t wish it upon you to constantly know your future or your past. It would drive you crazy to access all this information at one time. Besides, worrying about your future and dwelling about the past takes you away from the present moment, which is a ‘gift’ to you. I highly recommend meditation. It is not at all dangerous. Meditating is the greatest thing for your spirit, mind and body. There is tons of scientific evidence, online too, where it positively is the best thing for your  health. And yes, with conscious intent, you can access the past and you can see the future while meditating. However, the biggest benefit to mediation is that it will help you be aware of the present and make wise choices for your future.
Now an out-of-body experience, soul leaving the body, can be scary for the novice traveler. It’s scary because it is an unknown territory for you. But with time and practice you can access higher realms, the same territories where professional mediums inhabit, and communicate with the deceased as well as speak to angels. Your soul travels every night when your body is sleeping. This happens unconsciously. You may recall a moment where you were falling asleep and then suddenly woke, because a sound or person disturbed your rest. Your whole body shook as if your soul snapped back into the body. That’s sort of the same thing when the soul leaves during meditation. However, when you meditate, you are more conscious of the soul leaving the body. Always remember that you are in control and can command to return at once if it scares you (dreaming or meditating).
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