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VIP Question from Beth: My aunt was murdered in 1982. She was only 19. It’s still unsolved. I’ve been personally investigating her case. How can I successfully solve my Aunt Brie’s murder along with evidence to prove it in a court of law (if possible)?

Medium Laura Lee: I’m sincerely sorry to hear your news. It’s tragic for a family to lose a child, especially without closure. I can read you are serious about finding answers for yourself, and your family, regarding your aunt’s murder. I’ll address this question briefly to the best of my ability.

Your aunt was raped. She recommends that you get the case reopened and have them check for DNA.They had a line up of suspects that they questioned and let go. I believe he was among those investigated. Since her murder happened in the early 1980’s, they most likely didn’t have the means, or the wherewithal, to evaluate the situation with DNA. Today, they have this technology to support your case.

Your aunt confirms this message by stating her parents were separated and divorced. And you had a dream, from her, which led you to reach out to a medium for more information. I hope this helps you find closure. Bless, LL

Response from Beth: Hi Laura Lee,  I have been searching for the answers to the points you wanted me to confirm. You asked me to confirm that my Aunt Brie’s parents were separated and divorced. This has been a major part of the delay in my response. Brie’s mother Tina was supposedly separated from her ex-husband Art for some years before Brie was born. Their divorce was never made official in courts at the time of my aunt’s murder, therefore Tina was still married. So to answer your question….You could say that her parents were separated ~ and then divorced at some point. You also asked to confirm if she had visited..perhaps in a dream. You brought this up only days after I have the dream too. I woke up at 1:24 AM on October 7th and wrote down a few things from my dream. “She wants you to remember the roads…. (That’s her)” and “Door wouldn’t open (dark) and she disappeared….”. With all that being said… Thank you very much for your time, energy and sharing your gift. Take Care & Blessings

*Special Note Regarding Missing/Murdered Children; Beth personally requested that I help her uncover answers for her aunts murder. Throughout my career, I have willingly volunteered my time on missing/murdered children cases. As a mother, and aunt to several children, I’m very compassionate to want to help in the best way that I can using my ability. Over long trials, tears, and frustration, that personally effect my well-being, I’ve learned that my time is better served working with law enforcement. I no longer work direct with families. Over the past decade, I’ve learned this method works best for me as a professional because 1) becoming emotionally involved with the family does bias my reading the situation clearly and accurately 2) If a detective, or law enforcement, are not directly involved to support the case, then my work in proving such evidence is highly unlikely ~ thus, the case remains unsolved (unless we have someone like Beth who has clear intent to resolve matters on her own accord) 3) Not all law enforcement agencies (or persons) are open to working with an intuitive professional ~ I personally don’t have the time, nor energy, to knock on closed doors at such agencies, where my time and energy is better served elsewhere as a medium, such as volunteering my time on radio for VIP questions and/or being accessible for VIP questions via email for any person(s) seeking answers to their questions.

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