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Willing ~ Angel Message:

If you’re willing, there is a way to get it all done this holiday season. It doesn’t help one bit to keep reiterating that there isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish it all. Or that you’re insanely busy. And if you stop to think about ‘how’ ~ you won’t. Let self-defeating thoughts go. They hinder you from doing anything. You do have enough time. And you know what to do too. Pay attention to your nagging thoughts. Reset your priorities by focusing on what’s most important. Then take steps in that direction. 

Be willing to solicit help from others. You know who these people are in your life. They are within your orbit. Some of them, verbally, offered you their support when needed. Sure, you can multitask, but when it starts to feel overwhelming to manage all by yourself, its time to shrug off your ego. Learn how to delegate a task that isn’t your forte or things you hate to do. These people are happy to oblige when asked. You aren’t alone ~ ever. 

Be willing to acknowledge the support systems in your life. Without these people and their talents or resources, you wouldn’t be where you are today. By giving thanks, you propel more blessings in your life; in ways, you hadn’t even imagined! While the season is all about giving, it’s okay to receive once in a while too. The flow restores your energy to give from your heart this holiday. 

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