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Angel Messages for Week: Be open to engage in spontaneous moments of play. Maybe it’s having a tea party or playing a video game with a child (or adult :-), trying a new recipe for dinner, playing music, singing, dancing, creating art, writing poetry, working on a hobby and or enjoying a concert. This can also include sharing good company to watch March Madness, This is Us or binge watching a new series on Netflix. Play is essential for your spiritual growth; Learn, develop, inspire creativity, and open your mind to possibilities for problem solving. Play is not an exclusive activity reserved for children, adults need it too. Having fun enhances your mood to build stronger bonds in relationships at work and home. Play brings about joyful experiences that releases defenses, boosts energy, and stimulates a healthy well being ~ especially for the heart. Trust that playful experiences won’t set you back time or money. It’s an investment in you. Playful moments are divinely ordered to put a spring back into your step forward. Keep me posted on your journey. Bless, LL

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