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A new you is about to rebirth. Unprecedented change is sweeping across Earth; Politically, socially, economically, and climate too. You felt this seismic shift because it has personally touched you and your loved one’s lives. That’s because you are part of a collective consciousness that is psychically connected to recognize that we are all one. It impacts the way you think, communicate, and the way you’re living life today. There’s a sense that the old way is dying, and nothing can stop it from happening, as if it’s out of your control. But it is in your control. You can adapt to the change by the way that you respond; to resist or go with it.

You rebirth, if you’re lucky, every day when you wake from slumber. It also occurs throughout life from birth to teenager, into becoming an adult and well into your elder years. The one certainty about life is that change is always constant to help you evolve. Birth, life, and death are a natural progression. You can’t fight the physical and mental changes, no matter how hard you try. Death and dying are scary notions because humans fear the unknown. The current situation carries an air of death, but it is cycling into a rebirth too. Your body is adapting to its new environment by shifting sleep patterns, daily schedules, weight gain/loss, and or the need to move the body differently. Whatever has transpired for you, don’t fight it. It is for a higher reason. Go with the natural flow of your personal expression to manage the changes occurring in your environment. Springtime is a physical sign that you are going through this transformation.

A personal rebirth not only brings about physical and mental changes but a spiritual transformation too. Stepping outside comfort zones, where you feel emotional, by mental, and physical challenges, are indicators of growth. It coincides with new ways of thinking, being, and doing. You’re replacing old habits that no longer serve your highest good. You may discover you can’t tolerate the superficial any longer and or you find developed compassion for anyone suffering. A spiritual transformation appears as if you’re venturing into the ‘dark night of the soul’ territory. It is a period where you face off the shadow to recognize your spirit’s light. It is the light that holds power for you to choose health, happiness, and prosperity on your terms and not imposed by someone else, including societies, government, and or dictated by media sources. You are spiritually evolving, consciously, and subconsciously. Embrace the new you emerging.

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