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Release ~ Angel Message;

Release your burdens. Carrying the extra baggage slows your pace. It also blinds you from seeing the next step before you. Plus, it’s difficult to think yourself out of a perplexing situation with all your wheels spinning. It doesn’t mean you shrug off any responsibility for facing the problem. It suggests you let it go for the time being to clear the clutter that prevents a solution to emerge.

Release the idea that you have any problems in the world. Pretend as if, has a profound effect. Remove the label. Stop feeding challenges energy as if it was anything else but opportunities. The solution always lies within our question. Nothing outside of the problem can find an answer that isn’t without consequences. It lies within and most likely prompts you to do something that you always knew you had to do but put up roadblocks with excuses. The right solutions are free from negative implications. 

Release your challenge to a higher source for divine intervention. Set it up on a cloud and watch it drift away. Or let it float away in a bubble. Or see heavens light disintegrate it before your very eyes to help release your energy. Give thanks that the burden is free from your mind, body, soul. Be grateful for a solution that is beyond your imagination. Then go about your daily affairs, as usual, expecting the answer to arrive shortly. The reply can come as inspiration and or another person will deliver a message, or it can enter in an unsuspected package. By and large, the answer resonates with your soul. 

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