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Pondering motherhood

VIP question from Vicki: Dear Laura, I have so many fond memories of the readings you’ve done for me and my family over the years. We have lots of peace in our hearts because of the messages you’ve conveyed for us. I’m now faced with a new question for you. One that I’ve been scared to ask. I am single and getting “older” and after some female surgery last year, really starting pondering motherhood – single motherhood to be exact. I’ve always imagined myself as a mother and am drawn to children. I have my family and friends’ emphatic support – I’m so lucky in this regard. I would like nothing else than to have the opportunity to raise a child if it is in the plan for me. I’ve considered lots of options from pregnancy to adoption and have really felt spiritually pushed towards carrying a child. I started down this path last fall. My lab results show there could be some challenges, but the doctor seems hopeful. Knowing this is an expensive, emotional, and time consuming endeavor, I’m wondering how far I should pursue this option. Any guidance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Medium Laura Lee: How interesting you’d be scared to ask this question Vicki. There are no coincidences that you came to me with your very private desire resting on your heart. I’ve personally gone down this path and couldn’t be happier. It’s not always easy as a single mom, but grateful every day that my little one has blessed my life!! Docs said I’d never bare children, but somehow I felt their assessment wasn’t my inner ’truth,’ because I saw my little one coming. I know from personal experience that asking for angelic intervention has proven to be miraculous in my life. And I know it will for you too.

I wouldn’t let the medical establishment make the decision for you. IF you feel it in your heart (and from reading your words, I feel your heart express the words that you desire a child), then that is guidance nudging you to go for it! I believe my 2015 Angel Message under COURAGE applies to you ~ and or cut/paste this url into browser:

I see a male spirit (blue blanket) around you, which means that a boy is intended to come to you in some manner. I’d say that while you have the love and support from your family, to journey down this path, that some of your fears may originate from your docs pointing out challenges. I understand as they are experts in the field and it is always best to have their insight. The second fear is what others will think (obviously, not family), especially being pregnant as a single woman when you work and live in a traditional family community. While you might have more fears buried, these are the top two that come to my radar ~ because there is no question that you’ll be able to support your child financially and give plenty of love. I suggest that the best way to overcome fear is to face it and move forward. One way to help overcome these inner conflicts is through prayer (or affirming 🙂 every night before resting, before rising in morning, and anytime you feel anxiety about the issue to:

Call forth your angels  (or God, Christ, Mother Mary, whomever…) in light and love. See the white light surround and comfort you. Then give thanks for delivering a child 100% healthy emotionally mentally and physically (no matter what happens or what the docs say ~ Affirm otherwise!!!!) ~ See your angel deliver a child into your arms and also allow yourself to hear the child and what it would it feel like your heart. Finally, thank the angel(s)to give you the courage to be the best mom by raising a happy child.

You can add or change this prayer/affirmation, but most importantly it has to be expressed from your heart for divine intervention to work on your behalf. Ask and you shall receive the assistance you need on this journey.

Keep me posted ~ Bless, LL

Follow up email, Vicki wrote:

Took a pregnancy test yesterday and got a very strong positive! Pending blood work this week, but I’m confident in the miracle of my angels! Vicki

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