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VIP Question from Ed: What do you tell people who have prayed to feel God’s love, prayed for help healing deep emotional pain, prayed for guidance, prayed for help finding their own inner source of spiritual love…..and have heard no response?

Medium Laura Lee: Sometimes God’s words cannot be heard through the loud noises in the world around us, especially when we are in fear. This can include any emotions such as grief, sadness, anger, blame, jealousy, greed, etc. These emotions block, even harden, the heart and muffle guidance. Your heart is the primary vessel, not only to function, but also to hear God. So, when we can’t hear our heart, or even feel, sometimes God will send messenger’s in his/her place. You aren’t ever alone. Angels in heaven, and sometimes on Earth, are sent to give you a helping hand and or word. Words can be transmitted through a friend, family, colleague, or even a stranger (sometimes Angels are revealed in the manner that you can receive their message :-). IF their message resonates within you (for instance, you keep playing it back in your mind and or you make a connection to what they are saying and or you feel it in your heart) then it is indeed guidance. The voice is ever so soft, and consistent, behind the confusion and noise, it is there…within your heart. Your feelings are also cues to communications with guidance, since they are tied to the heart too.

Sometimes things may appear to be worse, but this is when the force is working through you. Trust. In the meantime, focus on reopening your heart to make the connection. A few ways to reopen the heart, and to connect with your own guidance, is giving yourself some TLC. This is truly simple. Just the basics will help you along the way such as 1) Getting rest (even taking time out in silence ~ golden!) 2) Eating right and 3) Exercise ~ I also recommend practicing daily meditation to exercise and open the mind.

Sending you 100,000 angels to help lift you in the New Year. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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