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VIP question from Madeline: I have not felt quite like “myself” since I was 17. The two main things that really bother me that I want to change are that I am tired pretty much all of the time and I am holding on to about 20 extra pounds despite the fact that I exercise a lot and don’t eat too terribly. I have seen lots of doctors over the years thinking perhaps my endocrine system is askew or my adrenals are not up to par in addition  to dealing with a lot of trauma, doing what I would call “spiritual work”,….but still something feels not quite right…like I’m missing something. Is something wrong on a physical level that can be changed? Hormones? Parasites? Thyroid dysfunction? Or is the problem emotional, spiritual, karmic?… I WANT a SOLUTION: To feel wonderful, amazing, energetic and svelte once more. I ask god and my spirit guides quite regularly for guidance but perhaps I am not getting the message on how to resolve what feels like a big disconnect. I would really appreciate any insights you may have regarding either of these matters.

Medium Laura Lee: There are a few things that come to mind dear Madeline. First, embrace yourself, as you are, now. Self-defeating thoughts are energy zappers. Especially being self critical of your weight issues and/or past traumas. Cut yourself a break, seriously. Becoming more self-forgiving lightens the load and restores your energy. And the same goes for forgiving others to help release the past. Anytime you become aware of any negative thoughts, CANCEL them immediately and replace with the thoughts of something more positive or loving. For instance, bless your trespasser. I know this is hard at first, but in time, the negative feelings will be replaced with thoughts of neutrality and restores your energy to move forward today.

Second, from a practicality standpoint, I’d recommend eliminating SUGAR from your diet. I get the sense you may use it as a source to keep you moving. You’ll see drastic improvements physically, emotionally and mentally by simply cutting back. Sugar can exist in soda (even diet sodas), processed foods, fat free foods, and breads. I recommend working with a professional nutritionist who can guide you. I also recommend posting a picture from a time when you felt alive, energetic and svelte 🙂 in a place where you’ll see it consistently, to remind you of what you can become again.

Third, you’re a giver and leave little room for your own TLC…Typical of people who are guided by angels (I see a lot around you and get the sense that you are a healer: therapist, energy healer, and or massage). The majority of your life is spent in service to others….you are naturally an empath. That means you may feel what others are feeling ~ inadvertently, you may take on their energy, since you work with the human body. This can leave you drained and sluggish. Not only are you carrying the ’trauma’ (as you mentioned, from your own past), but it’s also like you are dragging the weight of the worlds concerns upon you too. I suggest a clearing ritual after work. Not that washing the hands don’t help, but also a nice bath or hot shower ~ maybe include a walk, or going to a gym (etc, or both), even if you are tired. In my profession, I work with people’s emotions all day ~  personally, I found yoga, hiking and meditation work best for me. I love it ~ I suggest you find something you ‘love’ too. I promise, you’ll find your energy return. IF you don’t love it, then don’t waste your time doing it, because then it won’t help much to bring your energy levels back up.

Another exercise I recommend is summoning the angels to clear your energy (a fun exercise that works miracles). Set aside quiet time, before going to bed works well, and welcome angels into your sacred space. See the white light above you like the sun, wash over you (like a water fall of light) to release any negativity, emotions or energy that doesn’t belong to you. Take in deep breathes of the white light and exhale negativity, while bathing in this light, work from toes and up to your head. Take your time moving up your body and see the toxins expel with each exhale from each area until you visualize yourself as all light. Give thanks for releasing any toxins in your body and restoring your emotional, physical and mental energy immediately. (Feel free to add anything else that comes to your heart!)….This works well in the shower too!

Finally, I sense you carry the name of a spirit, of the same name, who guides you as to confirm the above messages. I also recommend reading Carolyn Myss ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’, Louise Hays ‘You can heal your life’.

Keep me posted! Bless, LL

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