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Angel Message for New Year 2015: Sneaking in at the top of the year (never a minute too late), I see a tiger angel that is prepared to pounce, but instead he flies at the right moment. I haven’t seen a tiger angel before, but from what I gather, the tiger spirit is wild and unpredictable. He acts from a primal place where raw feelings and emotions fuel his courage to instinctively guide him at the right moment. This year, your raw emotions will instinctively guide you to be courageous and take action. Whereas before you may have brushed off these intense emotions as nonsense, escaped them via an addiction (i.e. shopping, sleeping, eating, drinking, smoking…etc), or rationalized them away because someone said you ‘overreacted’, called you ‘crazy’, or ’sensitive’. Instead, this year, you won’t be afraid to feel and express these raw emotions, which are signals from heaven, especially if there is a pattern to why they surface (pay attention). You will feel these emotions build an inner turbulence that fuels your courage to leap into action and fly at the right moment! The song (I can hear my little one sing) comes to my mind is Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ 🙂 IF you are afraid, ask for the tiger angels support in making it happen! Keep me posted. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous year! Bless, LL

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