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Aware ~ Angel Message: 

You’re keenly aware of the changes happening around you. There’s a heightened sensitivity to everyone and everything. It’s as if your radar is scanning the perimeters of the environment signaling safe passage or alerting warnings. Your systems gage set on temperature control. It’s not always easy to maintain balance by keeping yourself between the two extremes of hot and cold. Intense circumstances, out of your control, will require you to modify typical behavior for necessary, but positive change. 

You’re aware of where and when the heat is on in a given situation. As things start to warm up, you become more excited. Opportunities begin to spring up around you. In this case, it feels good to be alive. There’s a sense of high priority when engaged in a particular activity. It’s a calling; you know it’s what you’re supposed to be doing. And remember that sometimes that a little fire doesn’t hurt to push you outside boundaries. However, remain receptive when things get too hot. Like a pressure cooker, there are times you’ll have to back off.  In this case, go and do something uncharacteristically different until things to cool off. 

You’re aware when things start to cool down in a given situation. Chilly temperatures raise concern, but not a time to panic. Be mindful to review what does and doesn’t work for you to tweak and adjust the course. If you haven’t fully paid attention and recalibrated, the temperature drop can leave you completely unprepared. A total freeze can leave you out in the cold. While the urge is to stop, frozen in your tracks, keep moving. You can warm things back up by retracing your steps, reevaluate and recalculate an entirely new strategy for moving forward. The shift in direction will bring about the change you desire. 

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