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Angel Message for wk 12/15 ~ Honesty: I see an angel looking at itself in a mirror. More importantly, she looks deep into the eyes as if to peer into the soul. IF you haven’t had that moment of ‘truth’, yet, (DEC angel message) it’s time to take the time and look within. Sometimes it is easier to blame others and or our circumstances regarding displeasing situations that we currently face in our life. However, this is disempowering and blocking your own growth. You hold more power than you realize to make changes in your life. And since we are embarking on a New Year in a few short weeks, this is the time to take stock and face yourself. You already know deep within what it is you need to say and do, as spirit has been nudging you gently (with repeated thoughts and daydreams). Be obedient to these signals within, as you are being guided by spirit. IT is time to be honest with yourself, and others in your life, to make a positive impact for your souls journey. Keep me posted. Bless, LL



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