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Angel Message for Wk 12/22 ~ OPEN: I see an angel stand before me with open arms, like she’s ready to give me/you a hug. She emits a pink light, love aura, that is centered in the heart. IF you haven’t already, you have begun to make peace with your heart by discovering your truth (DEC angel message: Truth) involving a particular personal relationship(s). IN fact, you really can’t hide it anymore, because somehow it reveals itself, consciously or unconsciously, in your relationship dynamics. IF you had the courage to share your heart with another (perhaps fueled with emotion 🙂 this month, whether or not they received it, you planted the seed for your ‘truth was told’. However, if you haven’t already had this moment (or even if you have), the month isn’t over yet and I get the sense that there is more to unfold with the same person and/or another too. Surrender the process, as the perfect opportunity will present itself where you’ll be able to share your feelings. Remember to have compassion for the other person, while sharing your heart, since we all carry our own burdens. However, this process is important for you to clear your space, open the heart, to feel ‘love’ (and this doesn’t always mean romantically) again…and help heal. Tis the season for peace, love and joy. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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