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Angel Messages for Wk 12/8 ~ Humour: I see a clown angel carrying a balloon through dark clouds. I believe this angel carries the message about how important it is for us to ‘clown around’, especially to help us move through challenges such as health (grief), relationship and financial issues….anything really. This is why angels can fly, they take themselves lightly 🙂 Humor, bottom line, is the best medicine for the heart. Humor brightens the sky, gets you out of the funk, to help you see a way out when you don’t know how. This doesn’t mean you are glossing over the situation. It just means it will help lighten the load enough for you see/deal with things differently. At the same time, you don’t have to give anything up, most importantly your integrity (because this month is about discovering your ’truth’) regarding the matter. You feel what you feel, don’t negate that, but it doesn’t hurt to laugh and open your heart to see it from other people’s perspectives too. I just saw ‘I Love Lucy: Christmas Special’ last night. You know the one where Lucy and Ethel are in the chocolate factory trying to wrap chocolates on a fast moving conveyor belt. They can’t keep up with the production, so Lucy/Ethel begin shoving the chocolates in their mouth so they won’t be fired. It had me laughing so hard that this morning I was inspired to deal with a problem (with a certain phone company, no names of course 🙂 in a different manner than previously using a bit of humor, rather than anger. You know what I’m talking about, right?! So, anyway, humor can open the heart to inspire you to act accordingly to your truth. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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