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Angel Message for Week 3/7: The ‘Angels of Harmony’ visit this week to help you see how everyone and everything is synchronized to your energy. Be aware that if you are centered in peace, the world around you reflects peace. If you are centered in anger, the world around you reflects anger. If you are in grief, you will find people around you centered in grief. In other words, if you see your life is ‘hell on earth’, then it is ‘hell.’ No matter where you go, you aren’t ever alone! Like energy attracts like energy. The good news is that you have free will to change your thoughts. Be conscious of your choices this week. “Change your mind to change your world.” Gandhi ~ You can change the world just by the choices you make each and every day to inspire and empower other people…and even yourself. For instance, if things appear ‘bleak’ in your circumstances, resist the temptation to fall into the depths of despair. Instead, remind yourself that there is a reason for this passage ~ that it is happening for your highest good. It shall soon pass, because you will find your way out. This kind of awareness will activate the heavens to inspire a creative flow to help you solve whatever problem ~ instantly. This simple act of compassion for yourself, or for others, can demonstrate a miracle. Try it. PS When I realize I’m in a bad mood (sometimes, someone close has to let me know! 🙂 and I find it difficult to let whatever ‘it’ is go, I hand over my challenge to my guides/angels and thank them helping me release the burden and restore my heart with peace. Within minutes, I find I’m centered again. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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