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Angel Message for March; The ‘Angel of Obedience’ guides over you to pay special attention to your intuition this month. This angel will signal you to back down, or better yet ~ avoid, anything that doesn’t feel, sound, look, and/or smell right. On the other hand, this angel will give you the necessary signals to proceed towards anything that feels, sounds, looks and/or smells good. IF you don’t trust your intuition, ask for the ‘Angel of Obedience to give you a tangible/physical sign for direction. When you see the sign confirms your intuitive hunch, trust that you are guided in the ‘right’ direction ~ for right action. Your willingness to do the work, following inner guidance, keeps your space clear from clutter, disorganization, and chaos (tune into A Fine Time for Healing: To Clear the Clutter March 16) This releases burdens that normally keep you bogged down from being focused and grounded in the here and now. The heavens want you to witness the extraordinary opportunities that await for you in the ‘present’ moment. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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