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Angel Message for Week 3/14:  The ‘Angel of Tenderness’ flies into your heart this week to help you soften those hard edges around the heart, especially regarding self-criticism. When we fight our own shadow, deny aspects of ourselves where we find disdain (such as our emotions, our bodies, our shortcomings in talent or skill set, our intelligence, etc), we limit life’s potential. Be patient with yourself when you witness a part of yourself that you dislike. Just observe. Breathe instead of resist. The first step to change is accepting that part of you ~ that makes YOU. This shadow part of you was brought to light for loving attention; it desires change. You are a work in process; always growing, transforming, and evolving. This simple act, self love, leaves room for you to expand and unfold into a better version of yourself. Then a new life adventure begins, presenting different opportunities and people to help you become the person you intended to be. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

Personal experience: I was always physically ill, sick, after I spoke publicly. I hated it: my anxiety, speaking in front of people, and being forced by university professors and then employers to present publicly.  The more I tried to avoid, or hide, the worse it became. After experiencing this humiliating situation on numerous occasions, as I was continuously put in circumstances that made me face this aspect of myself (it took me a long while to get it), I realized that my anxiety plagued my future. I had no idea where public speaking would lead me, I just knew it was limiting my life experience at that present time. Nonetheless, I accepted it was a part of myself, but needed help to make a change. I didn’t know where to go or what to do to overcome my anxiety. Upon this realization, within days, I was presented an opportunity to attend a toastmasters meeting from a colleague. This took me on a whole new adventure. I worked my way up the ranks to become President of my association and then went on to train as a formal speaker with the National Speaker’s Association. I graduated as a conference speaker, traveling the US, and later produced my own productions. I unlocked a part of myself that I didn’t realize possible until I stopped hating and started loving that part of myself asking for attention. Pay attention to your inner signals.
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