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Dream ~ Angel Message: 

What do you dream of doing if money were no object, and there were no barriers? Close your eyes and envision, as if you were living the dream ~ right now. Chances are, you know exactly where your heart would lead. Yet, many times, you’ve passed it off as make-believe only to let it go ~ and this is where you go astray. The dream is real if it makes you feel joy. The only thing holding you back from living the dream is you. 

You did not imagine the dream if you had reoccurring thoughts. A repeated vision inspires you to fulfill the dream in this lifetime. It is a roadmap for your future from a higher power. How can you be sure in a world filled with uncertainty that clouds your judgment with self-doubt? You always go back to the same daydream, your heart’s filled with desire, and you speak passionately about your wish with a select few. Moreover, Earth angels, along your path, may have encouraged you to at least ‘try’ or point you in the right direction. These signs, and intuitive signals, are green lights to forge ahead. 

Imagine allocating all your time towards living the dream. Hold onto the vision at the forefront of your mind until it becomes a reality. Wherever you put your attention grows into a motivating force that propels you forward ~ remain positive, even if you take baby steps. The heavens cannot physically do what you must do for yourself. Higher guidance co-conspires, with the universe anticipating your needs before you ask. Support will come forth in unimaginable ways if you believe in your dreams.  

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