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Agreement ~ Angel Message:
A conflict requires an agreement between you and another person for resolution. A contentious issue has always been an underlying annoyance to you. It continues to play out because you failed to deal with it the way that you must. Openly addressing the issue hasn’t solved the problem. More often, you let the challenge slide to maintain peace ~ but in truth, you aren’t peaceful. You must change your approach to nip it in the bud; find a workable solution to sustain strong relations and your sanity.
An agreement acknowledges respect for all sides. The universe escalates problems until you pay attention. It’s a teachable moment to learn something about yourself. You’re beyond accepting there is an issue because it is evident that you continue to be frustrated. To go beyond this stage, you have to change your tactic. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Whatever it is, do something different from previous attempts. You already know what it is, do it.
It would be best if you established the ground rules for the agreement. There’s no getting around it, but you’re going to have to lead on this one. The other side is either clueless, unaware, or don’t care that it’s a problem, not until you make it a point. Furthermore, you can’t allow the other party to be 100% accountable for holding up their end. It’s a partnership. For change to occur, you have to establish when someone crosses the line. The new terms that you define will re-establish respectful boundaries and deliver the harmonious relations you seek. And your world will be at peace.
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