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Light ~ Angel Message: 
You are a light. The light is the power within you, not outside, to change your world ~ our world. Your social, economic status, class, race, gender, sex, or faith do not matter. You decide how much you shine. You have free will, even if you don’t believe it. Your light is about the choices you make ~ or not making ~  right here, right now. 
Your light reflects how you perceive the world. It’s similar to a movie projector that lights up the big screen with images. You project an inner truth, neither good nor bad, onto the world. What you believe is what you see ~ based on life experiences and conditioning. You are the co-writer, along with a higher power, and the narrator of your life story. What do you want to say about you? 
You control how bright you shine. Your light dims when you allow surrounding forces to block or turn it out. They can appear as unkind words, misdeeds, someone’s misbehavior towards you, and or surrounding circumstances that make you feel defeat. You are not forsaken but loved, forever, and always. Both heavenly and earth angels lend an ear, share guidance, or offer a helping hand to get you back up again to shine bright.
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