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Angel Message: Integrity


Ugh, right? You know what you need to make yourself happy so don’t dismiss it anymore. Just say it or do it. It’s a matter of choosing peace over misery. I see an angel standing there with a golden light emitting from the heart. As long as you bring no harm to yourself or others, it means to stand in your truth, no matter how others react. That is tough for you to do, because you want everyone to be happy too and this is why you suffer in silence, because you are frozen in fear. But we have to stop pretending it isn’t there…So ask for heavens assistance to work a solution, through you, where everyone is at peace. And things you hadn’t dreamed of happening will unfold for the highest good of all involved. Simply hand over your problem to the Universe, God, or your Angel (christ, mary, buddah, or whomever you feel to call upon). They are always there to support you. I just visualize the people and/or the ‘thing’ (for instance, if it is the holidays, see a christmas tree) that is between everyone, being handed over to my angel while requesting a solution to my dilemma, come to light, so that I can remain in truth.  All you have to do is ask. The results will prove down right amazing. I see the angel celebrating with an abundant of fruits with enough to go around to make everyone feel grateful. And then a healing will occur between anyone in conflict. Remember, in truth, it’s all love. I know that this is hard to see right now, but you will see a demonstration of this truth by simply exercising your free will to choose differently.

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