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Angel Message – Freedom


Freedom to think, to speak, to act, to love, to do….you have the power within you. I see an angel basking in the light empowered to live freely. In fact, it is Gabriel ~ the angel of life and death…and of communications, which it is a matter of life and death to live your life freely and that includes open to (think) speak your truth (good read that comes to mind is ‘Meaning of Life’ by concentration camp survivor, Victor Frankel), by letting go of your shackles of fear. You know, fears such as ‘what will they think if I say?’ and ‘what will they say if I do?’ or the I ‘shouldn’t’ or ‘I can’t’?’  Do you have the courage to live your life in freedom? If you need courage, ask the light (your Angel, universe, or maybe its Christ?) to release the shackles: your fears, your burdens, or your negativity so that you can walk forward in total freedom to live life. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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