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Angel Message: Obedience

OBEDIENCE ~ There is an angel riding down the road on a bike and stops at a red traffic light. She appears obedient and stops as the sign directed. This isn’t so much a literal translation about speeding thru a red light (or maybe it is?!  Watch it speed demon :-). It is more about paying attention to your inner signals to stop, go and to proceed with caution.  Listen to your heart (or maybe it is your ‘gut’) for receiving divine guidance. IF you feel chest pain (like caller Michael on today’s show) or sick to your stomach, these are intuitive signals to stop and revaluate your situation in the direction you are heading. Or if you are sick right now, that’s an intuitive sign to proceed with caution in your direction…again revaluate your situation. Green lights are typically associated with goosebumps, butterflies in the stomach, and warm loving sensations emitted from the heart. The angel is now painting a sunrise on canvas, alone, as to impress the importance of taking time out by yourself whether it is to watch the sunrise, take time for your personal interest such as reading, painting, writing, maybe it’s watching the world series (?) and or spending alone time reflecting. It is important to take time to remember who you are, at your core, and what special thing you love to do…you already know, but you keep coming up with life excuses. Right?! But, if you take the time for this process, then you just might tap into the beauty of why you were here, why things happen as they do and what you are to give. Finally, act upon it…even if it is baby steps, you will see miracles of support come forward. I’m told that you are to free your mind of any rational thought and be open to this process to give it at least a shot. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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