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Angel Message: Harmony


HARMONY ~ Standing before me is a group of angels singing in harmony, which is to say that you are beginning to form an alliance with associates/colleagues that has you looking forward in a good direction. At the very least, it is energizing being part of this group. Right now, this group of angels are conversing back and forth and connecting on many levels (primarily spiritually). You all are exploring ideas, educating yourself more about a process or new field, and or even sharing knowledge with each other. Be efficient with your time during this process. One of the angels is deciding what papers to keep in and what papers to throw out ~ as if you are to be really clear about your intention before fully immersing your time with the group. IF there is any question or concern, bring it up so that you can overcome your fear. Check to see if the groups intention is on the same page before moving down the path together. You’ll discover that all of you will be in harmony. In the meantime, remain spontaneous to the groups flow and open to the possibility that this union has potential. LL

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