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Angel Message: Transform


TRANSFORM ~ I see an angel metamorphosis from a physical being into a lighter being (or it appears dark to light)…which I sense means that you are going through a personal transformation right now. This will help you to be nimble, quick and more flexible to navigate changes heading your way. Just as fall transitions summer foliage to become dormant and survive the winter months, you too, are experiencing a transition on multiple levels (spiritually, mentally, physically) in order to successfully trek through your journey. This may include study (education), learning new skills (training) or just simply listening to wisdom from others experienced in your field to prepare you for your metamorphis. The angel is waving both arms enthusiastically, which means that if you feel enthusiasm towards this end, then you are on the right path. Stay focused and positive. Absorb anything and everything you can at this time. And most important, be patient with yourself during this period of growth as you may sense some confusion, resistance, and some fear surface about your future. As I’m told, all this is natural in when we grow ~ to transform. Remember, the future is what we make it out to be. And you’ll soon discover that this time of preparation is well worth your time….Deepak says, ‘when preparation meets opportunity ~ that is called ‘good luck’. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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