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911…Angel message?

Dana from Boston: Dear Laura, hugs!! Laura, how do I know what 911 means as per an angel’s message? I see that number like crazy…anywhere I turn I see 911!! OMG…it’s killing me? I checked everything I can think that would be an emergency and everything is all-ok!! Is there anything it’s telling me @ soul purpose? What’s my angle’s message here? HELP!! LOL!! Love and hugs, Dana

Medium Laura Lee: That message is putting you in panic Dana. I know that the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind is an ’emergency’ call. However, Dana, really important you let go of the fear. Hand it over to the heaven’s to transmute and not look for the emergency and thank them for their protection physically, mentally and spiritually. Not that I push any particular religion, but here’s a good thought from ‘Psalms 91:11 or rather; ‘For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.’ You are protected. And you are guided in the transitions taking place in your life. Let them unfold, because I believe they are trying to communicate that some of the things you’ve been trying to manifest (or dream) are coming to you faster than you anticipate….this spring! I get the impression; it is along the lines of ‘love’ too. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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