April 21, 2014

911…Angel message?

Dana from Boston: Dear Laura, hugs!! Laura, how do I know what 911 means as per an angel’s message? I see that number like crazy…anywhere I turn I see 911!! OMG…it’s killing me? I checked everything I can think that would be an emergency and everything is all-ok!! Is there anything it’s telling me @ …

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My toes danced

Message of Love Story from Susanne; When I woke this morning, I had a pain in my shoulder blade that has been bothering me for some time. I decided to relax and visualize the pain passing. All of the sudden, my mom came to mind. I heard a voice tell me that I need to …

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Angel Message for Week 4/21; LOVE ~ The angel of love has come to me glowing brilliant lights of pink and green hues. She seems to be emitting light from within, outwardly to everything it touches. So I understand that this week concerns a couple of things that maybe on your mind; First, discerning, or …

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