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School stabbing

Angel from TN: Hi, I am sitting here watching the news…… My girl friend is really upset about school stabbing. She has a son that she put up for adoption and knows he resides in the Pittsburgh area. She did what was the right for this boy when he was young. See my girlfriend used to have a huge drug problem and she has been clean for the past 8 years. When he was a baby, she just couldn’t stay clean. She did the only thing she could and did an open adoption to make sure that he would have access to her later in life. Also to make sure that he would get the care and love that he so rightly deserved. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about him. When he was young, she used to see him from time to time, but since she left the state, she has lost touch with him. She couldn’t go through child services to see him. I know that she loves him and she is really concerned with whether or not he was in that school and could be hurt somewhere. She tried to call child services to see if he was ok but the people that were in charge of his case and adoption have since retired. So we doubt that she will hear back from the office. Basically, she just wants to know that he is all right? She also has a nephew that was adopted out that could possibly be in that area. So she feels a lot of pain. I tried telling her that I’m sure they are fine, but she started crying and I hate to see her in such pain. I don’t know what to do for her, I just sat here holding her trying to tell her that they are fine but she just doesn’t know for sure. I’m sure we will be watching the news all day for updates on that situation, but I doubt that she will know anything from conventional channels. Angel

Medium Laura Lee: As a parent, I’m sorry to hear about this tragedy too. I am also sorry to hear that your partner is suffering. It is good that you can be by her side at this time…. literally, you’re an angel by her side at this time. I sense a mother, on the other side too, by your partner’s side, sharing news that her son is fine. She watches over the boy ~ grandchild? And he isn’t even at this school. As for the nephew, I sense he is younger and isn’t in the surrounding area. It is important she not give up with adoption services (retired or not, somewhere records exist). A broken heart, and ‘…a day doesn’t go by she doesn’t think of him’, are signs from the heavens that she has to take action and reconnect sooner than later. I see smoke surrounding the area/issue, if not her (perhaps this mother figure?), who ever it is, it needs to stop because it keeps everything unclear, hazy, and fearful. Encourage her to continue to reach out until she receives answer about his/family whereabouts to reconnect to her son. Never give up with conventional methods. She will receive confirmation. Both he and she will benefit from the reconnection. She must tell him how much she loves him. Being part of his life, regularly, would bring both him and her peace. You can never have too many people to love in your life. Moments like these remind us just how fragile life is and to treasure those in our lives while time remains. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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