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Question from Natacha/CA: Hi Laura Lee, Just wanted to give a quick update before I ask a question. I wanted to confirm something you’d mentioned over a year ago: I’m currently employed part-time with an entertainment company, which involves music, as you’d mentioned would happen. There’s been growth happening here and so, given my plans to move in the next few months, my question is what is your insight on stable full-time employment with the company? I’d really rather not look for another side job that may detract my attention (in addition to the writing I already do outside of work) but I also want to remain flexible, be open to life’s opportunities, as this past year has been teaching me to do. Thanks so much for your help! Blessings

Medium Laura Lee: Congratulations on your job Natacha! I hear you needed a break to get in…And this firm gave you just the opportunity. It might not be ideal, but it IS… because, it will help you keep a pulse on the changing trends in the industry. The heart always knows where you ought to be…and I think honestly, Natacha, you sound like you know what it is your heart needs. I love how you say, ‘be open to life’s opportunities’…because yes, something better could come along for you and it will feel right when it does; for instance, it comes to me that you eventually will feel the need to navigate away from the business entities and take the risk to support musical endeavors independently (you and the parties you represent). Feel it will be very cool gig. And when this happens, I hope you can get me tickets! LOL In the meantime, learn everything you can from this existing employer. Keep your ears and eyes wide open. The other upside, as to having PT as opposed to FT, is so that you can focus your attention on writing, as well as, give you more peace of mind, financially, while pursuing those goals. Writing is in your heart…I believe if you could, you’d write full time. Anything is possible if you believe. I want to caution you on the idea of ‘stable’; I suggest you identify what stable means for you and be clear about what that looks like. I believe this is what you grapple with; Long term employment at this company or any company? (because, I think that the idea in our society is long term full time employment = stability) OR Long term employment in the entertainment business….that is forever changing, fluctuating, trying to figure out its next game plan to produce revenue with new technologies is finicky at best (because in the new age, that would be stability for many in your generation! :-). So let’s face the fact that the entertainment world isn’t really a stable business, because it is ever changing with newer media technologies. BUT, with all that said, as long as you know what your heart needs, trusting your inner self, your center, you will have stability. Because you know you’ll always be provided! There is no doubt that you can ask the heavens to provide for you in this field for the long haul and it doesn’t matter where you land as long as your heart continues to soar. So I recommend you ask for heavens intervention in this manner on a daily basis…such as when you go to sleep, wake up and anytime you feel anxious about your situation. Take a deep breath and welcome your angel within your sacred space and communicate the following: ‘Thank you for guiding me on my path; I am blessed to have a long term, lucrative, full-time career in the music industry, whether it is with this company or somewhere better, that allows my heart, mind and spirit soar high.” OR declare something along these lines and picture what that will look like for you. Begin right away, because what you think is what you bring into your reality. You can add/delete…for instance, maybe that you are completely provided financially while you pursue your writing. Just be sure it comes from your heart! I hope this helps. Btw, I appreciate your update to our last reading ~ love hearing back from show listeners/callers!

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