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December 1, 2015


VIP Question from Beth: My aunt was murdered in 1982. She was only 19. It’s still unsolved. I’ve been personally investigating her case. How can I successfully solve my Aunt Brie’s murder along with evidence to prove it in a court of law (if possible)? Medium Laura Lee: I’m sincerely sorry to hear your news. It’s tragic for a family […]

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Message of Love Story from Leanne: I had a very weird dream. There was a white haired lady who kind of looked scary in a long robe who was watching over me. I stayed away from her because she looked kind of scary…like the mad hatter. LOL Anyway, there was another person, who I could tell

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Angel Message for December 2015: The angel of communication is Archangel Gabriel. She’ll pay you a visit this month, before the end of 2015, to help you reconnect with friends and family over the holiday season. This includes those living and in spirit form. Even if there were past grievances between you and a loved one

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