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Message of Love from Tia: I see the number 1111 (or 111) regularly on license plates, clocks, and signs. Someone told me to make a wish when I spotted the number. They also mentioned to be conscious of my thoughts during that time. More importantly, to let go of harboring ill well for myself or another (banish negative thinking). I investigated 1111 more online, because it turned into a daily phenomena. Perhaps because I expect it now? I found that this number is considered an angel number. It said negative thoughts will manifest to form instantly, as will a positive thought. So now I hand off my dreams and wishes to an angel during the moment I spot a 111 or 1111. This practice has changed my perspective over the last year. It has challenged me to consider my thinking process, not only when I spot 111 or 1111, but throughout the day. By filling myself with positive thoughts, I’ve become a more optimistic and hopeful about the future. It has motivated me to take steps to achieve those milestones.

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