Everything will be OK

Message of Love from Cecilia: I had a group reading with Laura Lee about two years ago and also a telephone reading. My father always comes through. Laura Lee told me that she felt pain in the chest area and my father figure wanted me to quit smoking. I had cardiac arrest December 2, 2016. My heart stopped for one minute and forty-five seconds. I don’t remember seeing a light. I do remember talking to someone. I know in my heart it was my father. I don’t remember what was said. I only remember jean clad legs…LOL. I also remember the most beautiful, indescribable, peaceful and loving feeling you could ever imagine. I went back into hospice nursing. I have shared my story with some families. It seems to have brought peace with loved ones passing. When I get stressed with the world, I meditate back to that feeling; Everything will be ok! 

PS I hear  Bob Marley’s ‘Three little Bird’…’cause every little thing gonna be alright’

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