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Message of Love from Gia: I feel like a monumental failure when it comes to understanding spirit. I get bits and pieces right, but can’t get the whole picture straight in my head. I suppose I should start ignoring these things I see.  Spirit does not making it plain enough for me to understand the given clues. I called the police department knowing a guy, that I described, was going to shoot up a house then go down the street to shoot up a school with small children. I couldn’t give them any names or streets right, but told them what I saw. They said they couldn’t help me. I was nearly suicidal seeing little children killed in my head. I thought I must have been a horrible person to conjure up such images and checked myself into a hospital. Then to imagine my horror, when I came out to discover that this indeed happened in another nearby town. I had warned the wrong city and failed these children.
*Note to all the sensitive souls; I shared this message so that you never give up. We need you more than ever. There are two sides to every coin ~ making it whole. Having extrasensory abilities is a blessings and a curse; naturally the story above is the curse side that, in turn, can be a blessing. With meditation, prayer, practice and working with a mentor (I personally coach privately to students ready) to refine your skill if you plan to proceed in this direction. Flexing this muscle will strengthen and sharpen your skill over time. IF this isn’t something you cannot stomach, place your hands over heart asking that you are relieved from this burden and give thanks that your heart is restored with peace immediately. Practice diligently and with time it will dissolve away. Bless, LL
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