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You are loved
Your Spirit Message:


You are loved, and you are love.


Love is always around you. It’s all love. The universe holds a loving space for the sun, moon, stars, and planets to rotate proportionately to all that exists, including you! Love has no boundaries and is unlimited in supply. It doesn’t judge who you are and accepts wherever you are and how you occupy your time emotionally, mentally, or physically. You always call the shots of how love flows in your life or doesn’t flow but drips. Love respects whatever your heart desires at any given moment by responding kindly in the same manner because you are loved as you are. 


You are loved and love others the way you love yourself. 


If you feel unworthy of love, you’ll attract the kind of love to demonstrate your unworthiness. Feel no love? You won’t be open to receiving the love around you. If you set boundaries to receive love based on whatever parameters you deem necessary to protect your heart, love will meet your expectations, too. You are loved exactly how you are now, perfect in every way. If you desire more love, love yourself how you want to be loved. 


You are loved and love the people you are with. 


Otherwise, you would not be in the company of the people around you, including those who challenge you! Your most problematic persons are your teachers to learn love. Meditate on the idea that the people who enter your sacred space are spiritual beings, sharing life’s journey with you for a moment, weeks, months, years, or a lifetime to learn love. It’s not to say you can’t love absent people. The heart doesn’t ever stop loving because it is omnipresent. The soul expresses love differently, but in exact proportion, it is receiving or giving. Give love in the manner you want to receive love. Are you present with the people who are present with you? Do you listen to the people who listen to you? Share your heart how you wish another shares their heart. Love constantly flows, expresses, and reciprocates because you are a 100% loved. 

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