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Continue to deny

Continue to deny ~ VIP Message for Johanna:

Hello Laura!  I have been pursuing the clean up of the school where my kids attend. The school flooded in 2017 and they continue to deny that there is any problem with mold in the school. It is exhausting to keep going up against the school administration. Do I move my kids to a different school? Or do I continue to pursue the media (and more powerful outlets) for this issue? 

Laura Lee: Bless your determination Johanna.  As a mother, I completely understand your need to protect your babies. It’s hard being a messenger ~ especially if relaying bad news were it is not welcomed. What would it take for the school to get a second opinion if it were to save children’s lives who study under their own roof? The answer can easily be summed up to money. 

When we go on an airplane, the flight attendants give a spiel to use our oxygen masks in an emergency. They recommend we help ourselves before helping others.

What good are we to other people if we hadn’t helped ourselves first?

I would first, and foremost, remove yourself from the drama and protect your own. Yes, move your kids to a different school. IF this solution brings you peace, then you know you’ve made the right decision. I know that this is not an easy quick fix, because this direction brings so much upheaval to yourself and your children. Yet, you want to follow your motherly instincts. Mom’s know best (or at least we try to do what’s right for our children). Besides, removing kids from school, explaining to the administration reasons for your decision may prompt them to take this issue seriously and investigate the problem that you brought to their attention in the first place. 

Meanwhile, affirm your children’s (include your own too) perfect health; emotionally, mentally and physically. Visualize all in a bubble of pink healing light. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for my families perfect health for our highest and best well being. 

I smell smoke when I write your messages ~ maternal, female ~  on the other side ~ and or is this you? I also sense there is a child (or more people in household) who suffer from allergies ~  sinus issues too ~ to confirm message. 

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